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Large Queen Bee Intention Candle

Large Queen Bee Intention Candle

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The signature Queen Bee Perfume blend is now available as a meta candle! These Queen Bee Intention Candles were exclusive to Lazy Acres (an upscale southern California retailer), but are now available here, online and in the store! They were created to honor the light and effervescence of the queen bee, illuminating the intrinsic role she plays in nature and the symbolic meaning she holds in our lives. Bring light, love, and power to your life in the most beautiful way. Call in your hive and keep the vibes high!

Every step in these candles’ creation was infused with love and intent: from the hand-poured wax to the stunning fragrance, to the original artwork, which was created by my very own team of talented designers. 

The deeper magic of these Queen Bee Intention Candles

When bee dances into your life, it brings a message of striking a sweet balance between doing too much and not doing enough, while enjoying the beauty of life in the process. It reminds you of the significance of your tribe and communities to your role in the greater cosmic play and that teamwork allows you the chance to go further than in your solo ambitions. When bee buzzes into our life, she reminds you of your regality and ability to defy the odds. Where there is a will, there’s a way — this is what the bee shows us just by its willingness to fly.

These Queen Bee Intention Candles are hand-poured with bright yellow wax and adorned with my special and sacred Queen Bee Perfume. With notes of beeswax and honeycomb, this blend is sweet yet powerful, just like the bee herself. These Queen Bee Intention Candles are empowering in every sense of the word. Place your candle in your sacred space, allowing its illuminating glow to shine a light on the power you possess to fly!

This listing is for one (1) large, very fragrant Queen Bee Intention Candle (about 11 oz). Yours will arrive lovingly parceled, ready for sacred work.

Note: Please always burn candles on a heatproof stable surface, and never leave a burning candle unattended. Burn time for this candle is about 75-80 hours, depending on the environment. Burn times will always vary depending on the placement of your candle and the height of your wick. The longer the wick, the quicker the candle will burn. Drafty areas will burn slightly quicker. You can extend your candles’ burn time by burning them long enough to allow the wax pool to reach the edge. If you do not allow them to burn all the way to the edge of the container when you first burn them, they will begin to tunnel down into the wax instead of melting all the way to the edges.

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