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Organic Cocoa Beans
Organic Cocoa Beans

Organic Cocoa Beans

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Also commonly known as "raw cocoa". Because the cocoa beans have not been roasted, they retain all their natural nutritional properties, as well as their intensely bitter raw flavour. Scientists are unanimous about cocoa's exceptional nutritional value, with its very high antioxidant content and very high magnesium content (as well as vitamins B and E, protein, iron, potassium, phosphorus, copper and zinc). Considered to be a completely natural, plant-based super-food, raw cocoa beans are a still not very widely appreciated source of vitality. They are much more than just a simple delicacy; cocoa is a powerful and healthy ingredient.

Cocoa beans can be consumed in several different ways. The simplest way is to just munch them as they are and enjoy them like dried fruits (10 per day). Their extremely health-promoting properties make them the ideal accompaniment for your breakfast: they will act as a source of energy. On their own, they are a pleasure for the senses. To take the edge off the bitterness, it is recommended that they are eaten with honey, maple syrup or fruit.

When ground, cocoa beans can be added to smoothies, cereal-based preparations, or to fruit and vegetable salads.

And how about using them to make the famous invigorating and energizing drink according to the traditional Maya recipe?

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