Splat Hot Sauce - Anaheim & Jalapeno 4oz, Woman-owned

Splat Hot Sauce - Anaheim & Jalapeno 4oz, Woman-owned

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Thanks to our friends at Newaukum Valley Farm in Chehalis, WA we bring you a milder version of our sauces. Using only organic peppers and garlic, salt and water and than fermented for about 5 months these ingredients brings you flavors of black pepper, subtle tang, and brightness.  Ample flavor without too much heat. Goes great with pizza!

Hot sauce is, in our mind, a kind of food all it’s own. It represents a unique relationship with the hot peppers difficult to achieve by simply treating them as one would their sweet kin. Sauces and salsas are the ideal way to enjoy their spicy offerings! Though we’re not making sauces meant to challenge your tolerance to scoville heat units, we are making sauces focused on heat and flavor balance with little to hide the true expression of hot peppers


Important: Refrigerate BEFORE opening