Splat Hot Sauce - Habanero 4oz, Woman-owned

Splat Hot Sauce - Habanero 4oz, Woman-owned

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Habanero is not only beautifully bright and fun on the outside, but the inside is really where the party is at. Bringing you bursts of heat, citrus and some floral and fruity flavors, it is sure to enliven any plate.

Habanero is a well traveled pepper. It originated in the Amazon and worked its way into Cuba, ergo its name. It is deeply engrained in Mexican culture but interestingly enough, has made quite an impact on Chinese cuisine. Needless to say, you can virtually put this pepper on most dishes, if you can handle the heat that is.

Thanks for the peppers Alvarez Organic Farms!

Hot sauce is, in our mind, a kind of food all it’s own. It represents a unique relationship with the hot peppers difficult to achieve by simply treating them as one would their sweet kin. Sauces and salsas are the ideal way to enjoy their spicy offerings! Though we’re not making sauces meant to challenge your tolerance to scoville heat units, we are making sauces focused on heat and flavor balance with little to hide the true expression of hot peppers


what you get:  (1) 4oz Bottle of Habanerno Hot Sauce

Important: Refrigerate BEFORE opening