1 lb Plain Unsalted Sprouted Organic Walnuts

1 lb Plain Unsalted Sprouted Organic Walnuts

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We take the delicious, organic, raw, dry-farmed walnuts you know and love and use a special technique to soak, sprout, and dehydrate them for optimal health benefits. These walnuts are easier to digest, paleo-friendly, enzyme active, and supremely delicious. 

Our Plain Unsalted flavor is for our walnut purists. Perfect for anything that pairs with walnuts: the enzyme active super-food!


  • 16 oz (1 lb)

Additional info from the grower:


Initially we had no plans to sell sprouted, aka soaked and dehydrated, walnuts because we love the taste of our organic, dry farmed raw walnuts. At our Farmers market, our customer’s kept asking for us to offer also sprouted Walnuts. We resisted for years due to the significant time and labor it takes to handcraft these walnuts. 

I will try to explain what the process is and why so many people enjoy our walnuts in the soaked, sprouted and dehydrated version. 

When the walnut is harvested, nature is protecting the seed with nutritional inhibitors and toxic substances, so it does not sprout prematurely. Once it rains, these substances and toxins are leached out and removed. Basically the rain tells the seed that is a good environment to sprout and make a seedling/new tree. The substances we know that get removed/ reduced are the Phytic acids, the tannins, plus neutralization of enzyme inhibitors. 

It is a good idea to remove the phytic acids, because they can combine with calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and especially zinc in the intestinal tract and then prevent or block their absorption. Removing the phytic acids therefore “frees’ up these minerals for digestion.

Tannins are found in the skin of the walnut. When we soak the walnut, these tannins get rinsed away, removing any bitter flavor and underscoring the buttery flavor of the Walnut.

 By removing the enzyme inhibitors the digestion of the walnut will not strain our digestive system and the sprouted walnut is easy to digest.

Another great benefit of soaking is the increased production of several beneficial enzymes, because the walnut want’s the seedling to have a great start, the soaking also unlocks more of the Omega 3, amino acids and minerals, making the sprouted “alive” walnuts a true Super food.

Our soaking is generally a 10 hour process, the dehydrators are set at 100 to keep the status of our walnuts raw. They are dried for 24 to 36 hours depending on the humidity level at the time. If we add the flavors the whole process of handcrafting these soaked, sprouted and dehydrated Walnuts will take an average of 5 days."