Morning Sun Organic Whole Bean Coffee, Organic, Fair Trade

Morning Sun Organic Whole Bean Coffee, Organic, Fair Trade

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Now this is a rich and delicious morning coffee! A coffee that will ease you into your day, with flavors that are familiar and comforting, from our Colombian coffee producers.

Morning Sun is Olympia Coffee's darkest roast, but you won't find any smoky flavors, just chocolatey and familiar. It's comfortable and reliable, just like a morning sunrise.

Olympia Coffee uses coffees that are grown in the Andes Mountains of Tolima Colombia.

Small scale, family farmers, who grow organic coffees contribute to Morning Sun, and with our Fair For All practices these producers are thriving.


Olympia Coffee's success is grounded in their quality-of-life mission, which has lead them to create direct trade partnerships with coffee farmers worldwide in eight countries spanning 3 continents. Olympia Coffee wasn’t born into success; it has been built that way from the ground up. Olympia Coffee’s humble beginnings started 2005 in an unmarked warehouse in downtown Olympia. The story continues.

12 oz.

Organic, Fair Trade