Dagad Phool, Stone Flower (Kalpasi)

Dagad Phool, Stone Flower (Kalpasi)

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Also known as ‘black stone flower‘, kalpasi is a species of edible lichen that grows on trees and rocks and is used as a spice in Indian cuisines.

Lichens represent a unique group of plants that consists of two unrelated organisms i.e. a fungus and an alga, growing together in a close symbiotic association.

It should not to be confused with another ‘stone flower‘ – Didymocarpus pedicellatus – which is a real flower found in the Himalayas and used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat urinary tract infection.

  • Dagad Phool is used to make Goda Masala, that is an important ingredient in Maharashtrian cuisine.
  • It is also an essential ingredient in Maharashtrian Kala (Black) masala as well as Lucknawi Potli.
  • Dagad Phool is also considered to be an essential ingredient in East Indian Bottle Masala, Malvani Masala and even North Indian Garam Masala.
  • Dagad Phool is also widely used as a soup thickener.
  • It is also widely used in making non-vegetarian preparations like Nalli Nihari and Biryani.
  • Chettinad cuisine also makes use of this lichen to make marinades.
  • Black Stone Flower not only adds flavor and aroma to food but also has various subtle medicinal values.
  • Ayurveda and Siddha medicine has been recommending the Parmotrema Perlatum plant for centuries to treat specific ailments.
It occurs throughout the temperate Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
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