Dead Sea Mineral Salts (Not for Consumption)
Dead Sea Mineral Salts (Not for Consumption)

Dead Sea Mineral Salts (Not for Consumption)

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As the name implies, dead sea mineral salts consist of various oxides obtained from the mineral-rich floor of the Dead Sea. The high concentration of mineral salts, especially magnesium and bromide, is thought to be beneficial for the skin and connective tissue. In fact, The National Psoriasis Foundation promotes the use of bathing with dead sea mineral salts to help ease irritation and to remove psoriasis scale.

This salt is extracted from the floor of the Dead Sea. Also known as the Salt Sea, this body of water reaches a depth of 2300 feet below sea level at its deepest part and its location marks Earth’s lowest elevation on land. It is actually a lake—the deepest hypersaline lake in the world and laden with magnesium, potassium, calcium chlorides, bromides and other natural mineral salts. In terms of total concentration, the sea contains nearly 10 times more salts than sea water.


* Add to bath water, alone or in combination with herbs and oils.  

* Two handfuls or ¼ cup of Dead Sea Bath Salts will provide enough minerals to nurture and sustain the body.