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Red Lake Nation Wild Grape Jelly
Red Lake Nation Wild Grape Jelly
Red Lake Nation Wild Grape Jelly

Red Lake Nation Wild Grape Jelly

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12. oz jars.

Yummy and tart Wild Grape jelly from Red Lake Nation Foods in Minnesota.

A Native American owned company, Red Lake Nation Foods is dedicated to producing unique specialty products which represent our cultural heritage for the benefit of over 10,000 members of the Red Lake Nation.

Red Lake Nation is the ONLY American Indian tribe in the U.S. that grows & harvests their own wild rice (MN Cultivated) on local lands.

From their reservation in northern Minnesota, they pack, label & ship their wild rice to many countries all produced by American Indians.

Red Lake Nation Foods is a member of the Intertribal Agriculture Council, and bear the “Made/Produced by American Indians” trademark on our products.

Mii-gwech! (Thank You) for visiting Red Lake Nation Foods.

What are Wild Grapes?

Don’t confuse Wild Grapes with the huge super sweet ones you buy at the grocery.  They are small and can sometimes be pretty acidic rather than sweet.  However, the flavor is very raw and rich – like most wild things.   The main difference between wild and cultivated grapes are the size of the seeds. Wild grapes’ skins slip off the same way concord grape skins do, but the seed inside is huge and there’s not much to the fruit. The flavor is intense, though, and perfect for making jelly.  The color of the finished preserve is gorgeous and the taste is dark, tart and wonderful.

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