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Splat Hot Sauce - Scotch Bonnet -HOT!- 4oz

Splat Hot Sauce - Scotch Bonnet -HOT!- 4oz

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From their website....

Really, a perfect balance of complexity of umami, fruity, and heat! This sauce has quickly become one of our favorites. With just enough garlic and bright acidity from the lactic fermentation, it makes for a sauce not just to be tasted but to be eaten!

A cousin to the Habanero, they share some similarities but definitely have their own personality. Scotch Bonnet has origin’s from Jamaican and isn’t shy with it’s fruitiness flavor. Which is why its pairs perfectly with Caribbean cuisine!

Thanks for the peppers Alvarez Organic Farms!

Hot sauce is, in our mind, a kind of food all it’s own. It represents a unique relationship with the hot peppers difficult to achieve by simply treating them as one would their sweet kin. Sauces and salsas are the ideal way to enjoy their spicy offerings! Though we’re not making sauces meant to challenge your tolerance to scoville heat units, we are making sauces focused on heat and flavor balance with little to hide the true expression of hot peppers


what you get:  (1) 4oz Bottle of Scotch Bonnett  Hot Sauce!

Important: Refrigerate BEFORE opening


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